Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN
Edwin Abbott Flatland 1987 Penguin Books Paperback 9780140076158
Mario Acevedo X-Rated Bloodsuckers 2007 Eos Paperback 9780060833275
Mario Acevedo The Nymphos Of Rocky Flats: A Novel 2006 Eos Paperback 9780060833268
Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 1979 Pan Macmillan Paperback 9780330258647
Douglas Adams Restaurant At The End Of The Universe: Commemorative Edition 2001 Pan Paperback 9780330262132
Douglas Adams Life, The Universe And Everything: Commemorative Edition 2001 Pan Paperback 9780330267380
Douglas Adams So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish 1985 Pan Paperback 9780330287005
Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless 1993 Tor Books Paperback 9780330323116
Douglas Adams The Salmon Of Doubt 2003 Pan Books Paperback 9780330323123
Douglas Adams Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency/ Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul 1993 Pan Books Paperback 9780330334310
Martin Aigner; Günter M. Ziegler Proofs From The Book 2009 Springer Hardcover 9783642008559
Alexander; Bob Minds On Math 9 1996 Addison Wesley 9780201426823
Mark Alpert Final Theory 2009 Pocket Star Books Mass Market Paperback 9781439109410
W.S. Anglin Mathematics: A Concise History And Philosophy (Undergraduate Texts In Mathematics / Readings In Mathematics) 1996 Springer Hardcover 9780387942803
Isaac Asimov Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection 1996 Eos Mass Market Paperback 9780061054099
Isaac Asimov; Ralph McQuarrie Robot Visions 1991 Roc Paperback 9780451450647
Bonnie Averbach Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics 1999 Dover Publications Paperback 9780486409177
Sheldon Axler Linear Algebra Done Right 2004 Springer Paperback 9780387982588
Frank Ayres Schaum's Outline Of Modern Abstract Algebra (Schaum's) 1965 McGraw-Hill Paperback 9780070026551

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